Unitarian Universalism is a non-dogmatic, non-creedal faith. In our Religious Education program for children and youth, we teach our young people that their beliefs should make sense in their minds and feel right in their hearts.

Our Goals

(1) We want children and youth to have fun and feel they are part of our religious community.

(2) We want children and youth to learn about our UU faith and to have opportunities to explore the many kinds of religious beliefs and spiritual practices that exist in our diverse world.

(3) We want to support young people in their personal and spiritual development, encouraging them to understand their own beliefs, express themselves authentically, and live out their values every day.

Our Vision

In each RE group and across our RE program, we hope to create a supportive community of seekers in which all participants will feel…

Capable - Aware that each individual has unique skills, abilities, and talents to offer.

Connected - Aware that our congregation exists as a supportive spiritual community in which they can find friendship, compassion, and inspiration.

Contributing – Aware that each of us can choose to make a difference in our own community and in the world beyond our congregation.